Friendly, positive, kind, straightforward and transparent. I live close to the Rugby Stadium, in Twickenham, with my son, Joshua.

I love Europe, particularly the South of France. Spain and Italy, I like going to the theatre in Richmond, and the ballet. I am very happy living in the Richmond Borough, it has everything anyone could want. My son, Josh, who is 26 went to the local outstanding OFSTED schools, in both Richmond and Twickenham. We have lived here for 33 years and really enjoyed it.

I love my job, and I get great satisfaction from helping people to sell their properties, and also to help them find a new home to move into. I have been an estate agent for over 30 years. Having worked on the high street for most of the well- known agents, in Richmond and Twickenham, Chelsea, Pimlico, Belgravia and Islington. Fostering teenagers was also my job for 6 years whilst being in agency, this was challenging, but also very rewarding.

Richmond High Street has been my place of work for the last 10 years, at a large, well- known agents, then for an online agent, and now I am a self-employed business owner for a bespoke, global agent.

Having the experience of working in central London for so long means that I have many contacts who specialise in relocating clients from London, and overseas into Richmond, and the surrounding areas. This gives me a wider bracket of applicants, and therefore a better chance to sell your property.