Welcome and eXperience Birmingham

As England’s official second city, Birmingham certainly offers a great deal in terms of entertainment, tourism and commerce as it’s a location that is rich both in heritage and culture. It’s also an area that’s perhaps underplayed in terms of beauty, being wrongly pictured as a bland concrete jungle. Here we look at the myriad of reasons why choosing to call Birmingham home is a really good move.

A Great Food Scene

If you’re a foodie or even just someone who likes to eat out, then Birmingham offers an awful lot, with a booming restaurant scene in place. The city was responsible for creating the Balti and it’s a locale where you can truly indulge your gastronomic side.

A Green and Pleasant Land

Whilst there may very well be lots of built up areas in the city, Birmingham also has its fair share of green spaces. Whether talking about the city centre or its suburban areas, you’re never far away from nature, especially when in the vicinity of picturesque locations like the Lickey Hills or Moseley Park. So, if you’re someone who likes to get in touch with nature, Birmingham should give you everything you need and more.

Vibrant Nightlife

Birmingham is also a great place to let your hair down, featuring as it does, a wide variety of public houses, cocktail bars and nightclubs. Whether looking for a quick tipple after work or a proper night on the town, the city has something for everyone from fans of 80s music to all night ravers.

The Brummie People

Perhaps one of the most endearing parts of Birmingham are its residents who are an intensely colourful and friendly bunch. There is a diverse mix of cultures and beliefs all packed with the city, but one thing that is common to most is that Brummies are an incredibly welcoming and warm people and anyone moving to the area will get to experience that first hand.

We could go on and on about what’s special about Birmingham, from its infrastructure to its many retail outlets, its museums and its burgeoning beer scene, but at its essence, it’s a great place to live and certainly worthy of your consideration.

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