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Thinking of things that make Edinburgh a great place to live is a pretty easy task as there’s most certainly a lot to choose from. As Scotland’s official capital city, it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing and friendly places you’re ever like to visit and it offers much to people looking to move there. So let’s take a brief look at just some of Edinburgh’s best qualities.

A Cheap Night Out

Not only is Edinburgh a beautiful city, but it’s also an affordable one when it comes to a night out. Across most of the UK, it’s unusual to expect to get change from a fiver when ordering a pint, however, in Edinburgh, you might even get enough to buy another pint if you know where to go. Have a night out in Edinburgh and can enjoy yourself without having to watch those pennies!

Close to the Highlands

People living in Edinburgh are extremely lucky as they have some of the most stunningly beautiful countryside you’ll find anywhere in the world right on their doorstep. From Loch Ness to Glenco, we’re talking about real picture-postcard stuff and there are absolutely thousands of acres of it too! Having this kind of natural beauty so easily accessible can only be seen as a compelling reason to live there.

You Can Walk Everywhere

Edinburgh’s tightly packed layout means that you won’t have to spend a fortune getting around, as pretty much everywhere worth visiting in the city is accessible by foot. Whether you’re out with friends having a drink or getting to work, you’ll save a fortune in taxis and buses and you’ll get some good exercise into the bargain!

Top Class Entertainment

When it comes to getting your entertainment on, there are not many places that have Edinburgh beaten, as it’s got a wealth of options to choose from. Probably the biggest though is the Edinburgh Fringe which sees the biggest names in arts and culture come together in a festival of comedy, music and art. Every August, the Fringe - which has run since 1947 - is on for around 4 weeks and it really is something not to be missed.

There are simply oodles of reasons to move to Edinburgh and there are plenty of jobs available too, so when you’re thinking about where to live, it’s certainly worth looking at.

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