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When considering where to put down roots in the UK, Glasgow is not usually at the top of most people’s list of most wanted, but the city offers a great deal and should at least be considered. Here we take a look at a number of compelling reasons why moving to Scotland’s biggest city is a good move.

Your Money Goes Further

Aside from the fact that the average house price in Glasgow is significantly lower than the rest of the United Kingdom, it’s also cheaper to actually live there, with the cost of living being about 20% cheaper than it is in London and 10% cheaper than the rest of Britain. With jobs in the area paying out an average of £27k, you could enjoy something of a pay rise by moving there, even if your salary stays the same.

Close to Nature

There aren’t many places greener than Glasgow and there’s plenty of place to enjoy nature there. Located on the River Clyde, the city offers a myriad of attractions like the Tall Ship in Glasgow Harbour to the Glasgow Science Centre. There are also in excess of 70 different parks to visit, so you’ll never be short of opportunities to get close to nature.

Live Entertainment

Glasgow is also popular with art and music lovers, with the city being the home of a burgeoning Scottish opera, ballet and classical music scene. Major rock, pop and comedy acts also visit Glasgow on a regular basis, as the impressive Glasgow Royal Concert Hall provides the perfect venue to see them strut their stuff, so iIf you’re into your live entertainment, you won’t be left wanting.

You’ll get many things by moving to Scotland and whilst it might get more rain than other parts of the UK, it’s something that keeps the landscape as beautiful and lush as it is. Is Glasgow right for you? That’s for you to decide, but with this and more on offer, you could do much, much worse.

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