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Leicester is the 10th biggest city in the UK, so it sometimes ends up playing second fiddle to the big boys like London and Birmingham, however, if you’re looking for a location to start a new life, then Leicester offers a great deal. Let’s have a look at why moving to Leicester could be a good place to set up your next home.

Affordable Living

One of Leicester’s most endearing characteristics is the relatively low cost of living when compared with other parts of England. The amount of disposable income a person has is key to how much they’re able to enjoy the local amenities and attractions and with everyday items costing around 10% less than in London, your pounds will stretch that much further.

Central Location

Leicester enjoys a pretty unique geographical quality, as it sits right at the heart of England, meaning that it’s possible to get just about anywhere in roughly two hours. This fact makes it the ideal location to live for those looking to commute into England’s major cities like London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Great Schools

For anyone with kids, the quantity and quality of the local schools is an important factor to consider and Leicester delivers on both counts. Within the city limits, you’ll find 75 primary schools, 17 secondary schools, 8 special schools and 4 sixth form colleges. In addition to this, there are a further 22 independent schools in Leicester, including the highly-regarded Leicester Grammar School.

Sporting Prowess

If you’re a sports fan, then Leicester offers a great deal with a top-class Rugby Union team and a premiership football team who became Premiership Champions against all the odds in 2016. Add in the Leicester Riders Basketball team and the Leicestershire County Cricket Club and you’re pretty spoilt for choice for who to follow!.

When you add top nightlife, excellent public transport and an abundance of great shopping centres like Fosse Park and Highcross into the mix, you soon get a clearer picture of the fact that Leicester is absolutely a place that should be part of the conversation of where to move to.

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