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Nottingham deserves to be considered for livability with great nightlife, top shopping outlets, plentiful job opportunities and plenty to see and do in the local area. Located in the center of the country, Nottingham with Sherwood Forest, home of the fabled Robin Hood along with the 10th century Nottingham Castle, is a veritable delight, top destination to visit and a desirable place to live.

It’s a Green City

Nottingham is a location that has great green credentials, particularly when it comes to public transport. Nottingham bucks the trend thanks largely to its ‘Express Transit’ system - its extensive tram network - that helps people travel around the city with ease.

An Innovative Business Centre

For anyone with serious career ambitions, Nottingham is right up there with the best of them. Served by internationally recognised Nottingham University, it’s a location where new growing sectors of industry like renewable energies and digital content are thriving.

Bustling Nightlife

With a large student population, Nottingham is home to a wide array of clubs, pubs and music venues, with famous sites like the Nottingham Area and the Royal Concert Hall are just a couple of those available.

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