Welcome and eXperience Sheffield

Once hard hit by the decline of heavy industry in the UK, the city has recovered and is thriving. Let’s what’s great about Sheffield and why you should seriously consider moving there.

A Growing City

Over the last 20 years, Sheffield has experienced exponential growth and new attractive amenities. With 60% growth since the late 90s, the expansion has resulted in jobs...and lots of them.

Low Cost of Living

Living in Sheffield costs less than it does down south, so the wages you earn will go that much further and offer you a higher standard of living. Also, buying a home in this city will cost you less.

Great Transport Links

A city that embraced the tram as a low-cost method of travel, getting around the city or out of the city is a piece of cake. Sheffield is well served by buses and mainline national rail services, so while having a car is nice and convenient, it’s not a necessity.

Top Class Restaurants, Bars and Entertainment

There’s no shortage of great places to have a drink and unwind in Sheffield, and the city centre is clean and modern providing the ideal backdrop to any social occasion. In addition to a diverse restaurant scene and booming craft beer industry, the city has a rich sporting heritage, a burgeoning folk music scene and a world-class university.

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